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Individual Adult

Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

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Parent Coaching

Sometimes children and adolescents are not ready or willing to attend therapy, other times parents are searching for strategies to help their child succeed and to improve upon their relationship. Parent consultation provides
an educational approach to further develop parenting tools and approaches. Co-parenting coaching is also offered.

Psychological Evaluation

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Testing can be completed for a variety of needs. Each evaluation utilizes tools that are specific to the situation, for the purpose of understanding the problem better and identifying effective intervention strategies. Evaluations may focus on IQ, learning problems, academic achievement, mental health, behavior, and ADHD. Testing takes place in a pleasant, comfortable, and private environment and reports are detailed and comprehensive.

Supervision and Consultation

Supervision and consultation are an integral part of our professional development at any phase of our career. Due to this strong belief, supervision and consultation services are offered at a discounted rate. Whether you are looking for supervision hours toward licensure or case consultation to expand your knowledge base, I can be of help.